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Minami Budo Ryu


The system taught at Budokai South is Minami Budo Ryu Aiki Jujitsu (Southern Martial Way Discipline).  Our system is comprised of techniques that Sensei Barry has learned through decades of martial arts training.  These techniques come from many Jujitsu and Aiki Jujitsu systems. Although many Jujitsu systems have very effective self-defense and realistic combat techniques, many also have techniques that may be out-dated, or may not work well in realistic combat; especially in today’s society. We feel at Budokai South, Jujitsu must remain an ever-evolving art of self-defense that continuously adapts to ever-changing combat scenarios. That is why our system is comprised of techniques from several styles of Jujitsu.  

We have arranged hundreds of techniques into a comprehensive system with realistic self-defense being the goal of training. These techniques include strikes, throws, chokes, joint locks, ground fighting, and more. Students start with the basic techniques and, as they proceed through the system, they build on these basics and gradually progress to more complex theories and techniques. As students progress, we gradually increase the amount of resistance to their defenses and finally attack at full force in unrehearsed self-defense scenarios.

 At Budokai South, there are no sport competitions or trophies. Because every technique is taught for self-defense, many of them would be banned from any martial arts competitions, even the most no- holds-barred type tournaments. In these competitions, there are rules and many of our techniques would not be allowed for safety.  We feel that any effective system of self-defense must incorporate all effective defense maneuvers to cover any possible scenario. Anyone that has been in a real self-defense situation knows that you must use anything necessary to enact a successful defense.  Learning how to defend yourself against chokes, grabs, hand strikes, kicks, tackles, weapons, and grapplers is a must. Also in today’s society, it is much more common to have an assailant have some martial arts training. Simply put, you must be better!

Our system is comprised of five ranks under black belt:  White, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Brown.  The average time to achieve your black belt is 4-5 years; however, this truly depends upon the dedication of the individual student.  For students to be promoted, they must demonstrate proficiency in the specific techniques of their current rank; but this is not enough. They also are evaluated on Dojo etiquette, how they follow Dojo rules, if they understand the principles behind the techniques, and their overall willingness to learn and help others.

Budokai South Defensive Arts Institute
Minami Budo Ryu
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