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Budokai South is a private school located on the head instructor's private property at 2 Grady Williams Cir Aiken, SC 29805, which is near the intersection of Wire Rd & I-20.

Classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Standard classes cost $80.00 per month. There is no contract.


Private lessons are available, but prices will vary based upon the student's needs.

We offer self-defense seminars, which are made on demand to suit any organizations requirements. Please call for more information and pricing.


To view a class, please call or email us to set up an appointment. During your visit, we ask anyone interested in joining to fill out an application.

If you wish, you may download a copy ahead of time to bring with you when you come to visit.


Click Here to Download a Budokai South Application



For more information, please call us at (803) 341-3221 or Email us at: newtobudokai@gmail.com


Budokai South Defensive Arts Institute
Minami Budo Ryu
Ju Jitsu / Aiki Jujitsu / Judo / Self Defense
Aiken, SC
Phone: (843) 864-3125
Email: newtobudokai@gmail.com

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