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Jujitsu in Law Enforcement

It is known that unarmed arresting techniques (Renkoho Waza) have been practiced by police in Japan since 1886. These techniques were developed to assist in controlling suspects. Also called “come alongs”, these techniques permit the user to force compliance and to move a subject.

The techniques typically have two parts (or levels of application). The first part is the pain imparted to the suspect that is intended to encourage or force compliance. Once the technique is released, the suspect may experience soreness and minor discomfort, but not sustain any lasting injury that may require medical attention. The second part is a break or dislocation that needs medical attention and is usually the result of the suspect resisting the pain of the first part.

Obviously, when police attempt to arrest a suspect, this is not a game or sporting competition. There are no points awarded by judges for style or technique. On the other hand, police are not allowed to grab a suspect and break an arm to apply handcuffs when the suspect does not resist. There is a fine line that separates proper police arresting techniques that are within an acceptable range for the conditions present, and what may be considered an abuse of power and authority.

To arrest a suspect, police have to be the aggressor, to move toward the suspect and place their hands on the suspect. Self defense would seek to use that aggressive action against the attacker. Thus, police arresting techniques represent a mild offense whereas self defense represents a potentially violent defense. At Budokai South, the “L.E.A.R.N.” System (Law Enforcement Arresting and Restraining Non-lethal System) is available for training Law Enforcement which prepares them to safely arrest suspects. While the L.E.A.R.N. System is separate from the normal class time dedicated to using Jujitsu for self defense, it is recommended that Law Enforcement personnel study both. Officers never know when a simple arrest may turn violent and they have to defend themselves before being able to secure a suspect.

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