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Is our school right for you?



Because there are so many styles of Martial Arts, differences in training methods in each style, and particular goals of said training from one style to another, it can be hard to know the differences between each. We feel it is easier for us to explain what we do as an alternate to comparing different styles. We feel it is important and necessary for all potential students to read the articles posted on our website.  These articles go into extensive detail in regard to our training methods, overall goals, expertise, knowledge and dedication to our art.


We do real Martial Arts here! Real Martial Arts techniques are designed for self-defense effectiveness only. Martial Arts and the techniques therein, were not designed with money, belts, trophies, certificates, patches, or fancy uniforms in mind. These aforementioned items will not protect you from attack and therefore, they are not essential to your training. In addition, flashy, ridicules acrobatic maneuvers are not Martial Arts. Doing anything necessary to defend against a real attack is the only reason that the combat techniques in Martial Arts were developed.  Although we do utilize a belt system, it is used as a visual indicator as to the training level of each student, nothing more. If getting belts is VERY important to you, this school is not for you.


Because we teach real self-defense techniques to new student’s right from the very first class, we do not accept all applicants.

Some people do not posses the proper respectful and open mindset required for Martial Arts training. In addition, some potential students clearly display a lack of self-control and/or good judgment. Another common character flaw that conflicts with Martial Arts training is the occasional big ego of potential students. These prospective students are an extreme liability and are not accepted for any reason. 


It seems that some students join a dojo just to learn a few techniques and then move on. We call them “dojo hoppers”. Dabbling in several systems is a big mistake. Nothing is gained by this approach since students will never reach a level of even basic understanding in any system. If this may be your intention, our school is not right for you.


There are no sport competitions in what we instruct. If tournaments are important to you, this school is not for you.


Most techniques that we teach include throws, strikes, chokes, and joint locks. Although they are not applied in class to cause injury, they do hurt. If they did not hurt, they would not work! In addition, all techniques are practiced with a partner. Without an attacker, you would not need to defend yourself; hence, standing in line punching and kicking into the air has nothing to do with actually learning how to respond to a real life assailant. We do not consider air attackers to be of any danger so we do not teach to defend against them.  This also goes for defending against wood or stick people, and kicking ten-foot tall people in the head. If you like Kata forms, kicking to the moon and breaking boards, this school is not for you.


Will you be willing to use what you have learned here to defend yourself, if necessary? We can only give you the tools to use if attacked; we cannot and will not change your personal beliefs regarding causing physical injury to another while defending yourself. Deciding under the threat of a full on street attack whether or not you are willing to hurt another if necessary is not the appropriate time. The techniques we teach are the most effective from many different systems of Jujitsu and therefore, are the most brutal and effective techniques of self-defense anywhere. The trained jujitsu practitioner should have no problem morally with blinding, maiming, choking, throwing, breaking bones, and doing worse to an attacker if it is in the DEFENSE of self or loved one. This mind set is taught here and, is necessary for anyone to defend himself or herself for real. If this training will conflict with your personal beliefs, this school is not right for you.


The instructor and assistant instructors have spent many years or even decades of training, teaching, and studying to achieve the knowledge and skill to teach this system. We want to teach our students a full art form, not just the physical techniques.  We follow in the tradition of teaching students a complete Martial Art. Most Martial Arts schools today run their dojos like a gym or workout center, and that is not what we do here. We make a personal commitment to each student to help them learn, and we expect the same commitment in return. We feel you cannot fully teach someone self-defense techniques without teaching them everything that goes along with it.  We cannot teach dangerous techniques to people without making sure they can handle such responsibility. The goal of your training here is take what you have learned in the dojo and apply it to your everyday life.  Meaning, you apply the philosophical and psychological knowledge you receive from being a student. If this sounds very different from most Martial Arts schools you have seen before, you are correct.  This is because most schools do not teach Martial Arts, they teach Martial Sports, or they do not have traditional roots whatsoever, and they have NEVER had any of the non-physical components in their systems from the beginning. Real Martial Arts training is a life time commitment. Our goal is to have core of serious, dedicated, and respectful students.  Furthermore, there are very few instructors qualified to teach you real self-defense applications, hence, we EXPECT our students to recognize this and treat them accordingly. This includes using the proper titles when addressing them. You will also be required to bow to said instructors and other students as a sign of this respect. If bowing to an instructor or another student is against your beliefs, this dojo is not for you.


Potential students must also realize that social status outside of the dojo has nothing to do with the realities of the Martial Arts inside the dojo. The western philosophy that everyone is equal does not apply here. Rank and experience dictate the hierarchy in the Martial Arts.  How much money you have, how smart you are, how tough you are, what job you have, and the like, have nothing to do with your status inside the dojo. We follow the “you get what you give” philosophy. You earn respect by giving it.


We promote students solely on the following criteria:


Technical proficiency in techniques required for rank.

Meeting the minimum time in rank requirements if applicable.

Demonstrating good Dojo etiquette.

Class attendance and participation

Helping around the dojo as well as with lower ranking students.

Understanding the techniques of your current rank including the underlying principles.

Showing the maturity and self-discipline required to move up to more difficult material.


We will not promote students that do not meet rank requirements for any reason.

We do not guarantee ranks in set time periods just because dues are paid like many schools.

To receive rank in this Dojo, it MUST BE EARNED!!!

If a Black Belt is all you are looking for, you can buy one online for about $5.00 on eBay.

The belt without the knowledge is useless.


Sensei Barry and the assistant instructors expect all students to attend class regularly. If students are absent for long periods, it is at the discretion of Sensei as to the rank of the returning student.


Because our dojo is not a business, it is of no advantage to us training students that we know will not stay and/or do not posses the necessary attributes to progress in the system.  Simply put, we are not doing this for the money. As instructors, we cannot learn, grow, and train without students; and students cannot learn, grow and train without instructors. It is important to keep the purity of any Marital Art; and the only way this can be done is by taking the commercialism right out. This way, there can be no ulterior motive for any instructor. We do charge a low, monthly fee. However, this is solely to give students a sense of responsibility to their dojo. In contrast, it will be of no benefit to a potential student for us to not be completely open as to what we do and, what to expect here.


The number of students we have is of no concern to us. The quality of the students we teach is all that is important. If real Martial Arts training were easy, everyone would be an expert.


Being a highly trained Martial Artist should be a very egoless place. Your training is “your training”. This is for your personal benefit not for anyone else. A true master wears his training on the inside as part of himself, unlike a belt, trophy, fancy uniform or, tough guy ego for everyone else to see. This training comes to the outside in physical form only for self-preservation or the defense of another.


If by reading this, you are offended in any way, although not our intent, this information has served its purpose by helping potential students decide what kind of training they are suited for as well as, if our dojo will be right for them. Alternatively, if you agree with the above statements and training methods described, you might have just found the right place to train.

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