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Chief Instructor

Sensei Barry

The chief instructor at Budokai South is Sensei Barry. Sensei Barry has trained under several prominent instructors including, Sensei Dan Ustie, Russ St Hilaire, and Donn Schucker as well as many other instructors in various arts from his travels to different training camps and seminars over the years. Sensei Barry started his training in the mid 1980s in Kempo Karate. Even after completing some advanced training, he needed to defend himself against an attack, and learned quickly he was not properly trained to handle self-defense, as most of the Karate training was purely sport and kata, and not very street effective. After healing from his injuries, he visited all of the martial arts schools in the surrounding areas, finding only one school that taught realistic self-defense techniques. The school was Aiki Budokai Aiki Jujitsu in Danbury, CT. Sensei Barry has been learning and teaching Jujitsu and Aiki Jujitsu ever since. In his over 30 year martial arts career, Sensei Barry has studied many Jujitsu systems, such as ZenBudo Ryu, Danzan Ryu, Daito Ryu, Gracie Jujitsu, and Judo. In addition, he has seriously studied Okinawa-te Karate. He also has taught many seminars, including women’s self-defense, law enforcement arresting and restraining, ground fighting, and different specific Jujitsu technique seminars. Throughout his career, everything he has learned, evaluated, practiced, and taught has been for the sole purpose of self-defense. Techniques thatwere not effective in real combat were discarded and replaced with techniques of high, realistic combat value. Barry Sensei holds the following ranks at the time of this writing:

Shichidan (7th Degree) - Aiki Jujitsu
Yodan (4th Degree) - Kodokan Judo
Senior Rank Examiner - Jujitsu
Senior Rank Examiner - Aiki Jujitsu
Senior Rank Examiner - Judo
SMAA Deputy Director

Budokai South Defensive Arts Institute
Minami Budo Ryu
Ju Jitsu / Aiki Jujitsu / Judo / Self Defense
Aiken, SC
Phone: (843) 864-3125

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