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  No shoes on the mats.

All students should bow to the Kamiza when stepping onto or off the mats.

 The lowest ranking student on the mat should always help clean/sweep the Dojo before class.

Students will address the Head Instructor as “Sensei".

Students will address senior instructors as “Sempai”.

Students are required to wear a Judo/Jujitsu uniform to every class unless notified by an instructor to wear alternate clothing.

     Every male student MUST wear a protective cup during all classes

     Every female student are required to wear a shirt of some sort under their gi jacket.

     No gum or candy chewing in class of any kind.

     All Jewelry must be removed before class unless approved by an Instructor.

    Students should wear a clean uniform to class.

     Students should never come to class under the influence of any intoxicants.

     Students with long hair should tie it up before class

     Students are required to keep their finger and toe nails short.

     All Students will report any injuries immediately to an Instructor.

     All students must keep there dues up to date to maintain membership. Even if students do not attend all classes.

     Students are NOT permitted to demonstrate or teach any techniques taught at Budokai South outside of the Dojo without permission from Sensei.

     Training at another Dojo, while under membership at Budokai South, is only allowed with approval from the Sensei.

     Breaking of dojo rules can result in membership termination.

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